Our star players (popular games)

Sprinters online games are all about games and for all people who are risks takers and have a passion for games, cassino, lottery, and basically everything that keeps their heart pumping and gives them a rush of adrenaline, we have a bouquet of games for you to pay and win assured prizes.

Teen Patti

Teen patti is the most infamous cards games and has been around the country for a long time. And with the advancement of technology, teen patti is also a part of our famous gaming bouquet. You must have been seeing pop-up ads on your phone screens, and laptop screens while browsing on the internet and cruising your way through google, but hey!! What are the chances of those sites being genuine, with Sprinters online games you can rest assured about the safety of your information from being tampered with. Best game graphics and not to forget best online betting id only at Sprinters online game.


A very interesting betting game that involves players and a dealer, played with cards, 8 or 9 cards are dealt by the dealers. Players can bet on either of the two hands, one being that of the dealer’s and the other one being the hand dealt to the player by the dealer. Sprinters assure fair play and that players get their hard-earned money in just a matter of time right after they win after all Sprinter online betting is the best platform to play Baccart on.

32 Cards B

Get real-time experience in playing 32 Cards B , just the way played in top-notch casinos, with a real-time dealer stimulator, only at Sprinters Online games.

5Five Cricket

Cricket has been the most loved sport in our country, and 5Five Cricket gets the best online cricket id only at India's best online betting cricket id website Sprinters is every Indian's dream arena to play sports like 5Five Cricket and play with skilled players and with the support of professionals on the stand by 24/7.


The game of luck, Lottery gets a whole other dimension when you play it on India’s top gaming website with the best betting ID. Sprinters have the best lottery game where prizes are assured, and the rules are easy to understand.

7-A Lucky

Another pioneer game to try your luck at, Sprinters online betting games have all the games which are fair and square so that fair gameplay is assured and every player gets a chance to win, not to mention the price money it offers which is too good to be true.

Player Battle

Play with worthy opponents and play one-on-one with Player Battle and enjoy assured prizes only at Player Battle on Sprinter's online website.

6-Player Pocker

Get real-life vegas to feel with 6-player casino win fair and square and earn huge amounts of money only at 6-Player Poker at Sprinters online betting website.